Japan Boardgame Prize 2003

The Best Foreign Game for Beginners

Coloretto (M.Schacht / Abacus Spiele)


- whose rule is relative so easy that beginners or families can enjoy themselves immediately
- published mainly in 2003, and sold in Japan

1st: Coloretto (93votes / 26.4%)
2nd: Lupus in Tabula (91votes / 25.9%)
3rd: Der Palast von Alhambra (75votes / 21.3%)

The Best Advanced Game

Edel, Stein & Reich (R.Staupe / alea, Ravensburger)

Edel, Stein & Reich

- which is more advenced and can be played by those who are accostomed to play several games
- published mainly in 2003, and sold in Japan

1st: Edel, Stein & Reich (69votes / 19.6%)
2nd: Amun-Re (65votes / 18.5%)
3rd: Der Palast von Alhambra (49votes / 13.9%)

The Best Japanese Game

Apples to Apples (M.Kirby & M.A.Osterhaus / Beverly Enterprises Inc.)

Apples to Apples

- which is published in japanese package
- published in 2003, and sold in Japan

1st: Apples to Apples [Beverly Enterprises Inc.] (102votes / 29.0%)
2nd: Saga [YUHODO] (52 votes / 14.8%)
3rd: Ovaltrick [Grapac Japan Inc.] (48 votes / 13.6%)

The Best Childgame

Viva Topo! (M.Ludwig / Selecta Spielzeug)

Viva Topo!

- which can be understood by children to eight years old, and be played well with parents
- published recently, and sold in Japan

1st: Viva Topo! (81votes / 23.0%)
2nd: Mitternachtparty (77votes / 21.9%)
3rd: Russelbande (54votes / 15.3%)

(Total number of voter: 352. three games from nominees can be voted in every category, so the total percentage is not 100%)

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