Japan Boardgame Prize 2008

We announce the Japan Boardgame Prize 2008 as follows;

1st Prize:

Wie verhext! (A.Pelikan / alea, Ravensburger)

Wie verhext!

Japanese Distributer: Mobius Games


Stone Age (M.Tummelhofer / Hans im Glück, Rio Grande Games)

Stone Age

Japanese Distributer: Mobius Games, Arclight


Race for the Galaxy (Tom Lehman / Rio Grande Games)

Race for the Galaxy

Japanese Distributer: Gamestore Banesto, Arclight


Agricola (Uwe Rosenberg / Lookout Games)


Japanese Distributer: Hobby Japan


Handelsfürsten (Reiner Knizia / Pegasus Spiele)


Japanese Distributer: Gamestore Banesto, Mobius Games

6th: Im Jahr des Drachen (Stefan Feld / alea, Ravensburger) 133pt.
7th: Keltis (Reiner Knizia / Kosmos) 130pt.
8th: I will go home first! (Philippe de Pallieres / Mobius Games) 129pt.
9th: Kakerlakensalat (Jacques Zeimet / Drei Magier) 99pt.
10th: Blokus 3D (Stefan Kögl / Beverly Enterprises) 93pt.
10th: Patrizier (Michael Schacht / Amigo) 93pt.

From this year we combined former four branches and nominated no games. Voters selected upto five favorites from a list of 154 titles, which were sold in Japan from October 2007 to September 2008. We added up for each voter 5 points to the first favorit, 4 points to the second ... 1 point to the fifth. Total number of voters amounted to 317 from 32 Prefectures in cooperation with many boardgame circles and shops.

As a result "Wie verhext!" won the Japan Board Game Prize 2008.

The 8th prize "I will go home first!" (Japanese title: Osaki-ni-shitsurei-shimasu) is a revised version of "Who is going to the dishes?" by Mobius Games.

And the special prize "U-more Award". This award is selected by jury from our organization for the most contributing games to spread boardgame culture in Japan.

U-more Award:

Blokus 3D (S.Kögl / Beverly)

Blokus 3D


Shildi Schildkröte (R.Hofstätter / Haba)

Mäusekarussell (J.Zeimet / Drei Magier)

Cheeky Monkey (R.Knizia / Face2Face)

Shildi Schildkröte Mäusekarussell Cheeky Monkey

If you have any question or opinion, please mail to us.

U-more, Official Nonprofit Organization (NPO) to spread Boardgame culture on Japan

Japan Boardgame Prize

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