Nominee Lists of Japan Boardgame Prize 2006

Foreign Game for Beginners

- The rule is relative so easy and playing time is so short that beginners can enjoy immediately
- Sold mainly from October 2005 to September 2006 in Japan

  • Aquädukt
    (B.Weber / Schmidt Spiele)
  • Fettnapf in Sicht
    (R.Staupe / Amigo Spiele)
  • HEY! That's my fish!
    (G.Cornett & A.Jakeliunas / Phalanx Games)
  • Seeräuber
    (S.Dorra / Queen Games)
  • Cloud 9
    (A.Weissblum / Out of the Box)
  • Just 4 Fun
    (J-P.Grunau / Kosmos)
  • Celtica
    (W.Kramer & M.Kiesling / Ravensburger)
  • Chinesische Mauer
    (R.Knizia / Kosmos)
  • Pünkt
    (K.Burm / Don & Co.)
  • Zauberstauber
    (H.Grumpler / Kosmos)

Foreign Game for Advanced Players

- More advenced and can be played by those who are accostomed to play games
- Sold mainly from October 2005 to September 2006 in Japan

  • This year the jury does not nominate any games and voters select their best three games from resently sold games, from the point of view that advanced players have quite various favorites.

Japanese Game

- In Japanese package(including box, rule book, and components)
- Published mainly from October 2005 to September 2006 in Japan

  • R-ECO
    (S.Kawasaki / Grimpeur)
  • Phantom Rummy
    (S.Nakamura / Yuhodo)
  • Shadow Hunters
    (Y.Ikeda / Game Republic)
  • Ticket to Ride
    (A.R.Moon / Bandai)
  • 6 nimmt!
    (W.Kramer / Mobius Games)
  • Happy Dog
    (A.R.Moon / Gakken)
  • Blokus Trigon
    (B.Tavitian / Biverly)
  • Runebound
    (M.Wallace & D.Hardy / ArcLight)
  • Warumono 2
    (Unknown / Grapac Japan)


- Easy to play for children to eight years old, and also quite enjoyable for parents
- Designed and illustrated mainly for children, adequately available in Japan

  • Kiki Ricky
    (G.Baars / Ravensburger)
  • Das kleine Gespenst
    (K.Haferkamp / Kosmos)
  • Doktor Schlüsselbart
    (J.Then / Zoch)
  • Picco Popolino
    (Unknown / Selecta Spielzeug)
  • Die Nacht der Magier
    (J-P.Schliemann & K.Becker / Drai Magier Spiele)
  • Giro Galoppo
    (J-P.Grunau / Selecta Spielzeug)
  • Los Mampfos
    (R.Dorn & M.Dorn / Zoch)

Nominated by: Japan Boardgame Prize Jury from U-more, that is a organization to spread Boardgame culture on Japan (authorized Non-Profit Organization)
After voting by general players in Japan, the best game will be decided and anounced in April 2007.
If there is any question about this award, please contact me(T.Ono, Table Games in the World)

Japan Boardgame Prize
Japan Boardgame Prize 2006

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